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“Soprano, Rosanne Ackerley sang brilliantly and passionately as Brangäne, Isolde’s duplicitous maid.”


Jim Lowe

"Roseanne Ackerley’s Brangäne was warm, vulnerable, and loving towards her mistress, and tragically wounded by her own short-sightedness."

Michael Miller


"Rosanne Ackerley a strong voice filled the hall on an open stage with no microphones or orchestra pit accompanied by a Wagnerian orchestra playing double FF and diminuendos displaying good German diction with clear vowel sounds and proper conso- nances... Your rendition of "Dich Teure Halle" belongs with the the orchestra and conductor in a German opera house...The versatility with 2 opera languages and musicianship of an American trained singer is evident as she sang beautifully part of the role of Mimi from La Boheme before the intermission. (bravissimo)"                       


Richard Malone

"Roseanne Ackerley was a welcome surprise with an intense, well placed voice that vibrated pleasingly throughout her range"  

Diario Las Americas

"A wonderfully expressive artist, a beautiful voice handled with excellent technique. In all respects, highly recommended."


Scott Carlton

New York, NY Vocal Coach

Chairman, Singer Committee

Wagner Society of New York

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